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Hi, I’m Jared and I help people with a strong work ethic who are willing to embrace a simple, effective approach based on food awareness journaling to stop binge, bulimia and emotional overeating. 

My approach is unique because I only teach Intuitive Eating after private clients have passed various behavioral milestones. Namely, I believe that teaching private clients a simple, effective method of keeping a Food Awareness Journal is the best to start your journey to stop bingeing and unlock your health potential.

After someone has practiced this method of journaling and understands their binge eating habits and subconscious beliefs only then will I teach someone Intuitive Eating. 

Down below you can read about:

  • My counseling experience, including various awards, degrees & certifications
  • A little about the eating healing journey I have been through myself

Awards, Experience & Degrees:

My Journey

My journey began in the sophomore year when I became a wrestler athlete and began the dieting and bingeing cycle. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was dieting. I would constantly think about my precise caloric measurements so that I could make cut weight in a scientific manner for the wrestling tournaments. Of course I would eat large amounts of food after the tournament ended because I had been starving myself. This cycle just kept getting worse. 

In college I developed anemia, a blood condition because of my poor diet and binge eating. At this point in my life I was also becoming acutely and painfully aware of my humiliating social awkwardness and anxiety. I didn’t have any friends, and binge eating became for me a sort of friend. Marijuana also became a close companion, and to be honest, I still have a respectful, creative relationship with Marijuana. However, I now am 100% free of binge eating and have been for years.

Eventually, feeling that my life was falling apart, I had a sudden idea to become a Zen Monk. I’d always been an introspective guy and since my life was falling apart, I felt like this was the only solution. I decided to literally pursue Enlightenment. 

My heart was settled. I decided to forgo college graduation and became a lay-ordained Zen Monk in the Soto Zen Tradition. I spent 13 months up in the mountain monastery of Tassajara, located in the Big Sur mountain range of California. During my time in the monastery, I was accidentally introduced to the principles I would later need to stop binge eating 100%. But at the time I didn’t know exactly what I was learning. 

For example, I was eating 3 meals a day and a couple of snacks. I was eating mindfully. I was getting plenty of sleep. And most importantly, I was becoming much more mindful about my thoughts, moods, and emotions. Miraculously, I stopped binge eating up in the monastery (although this wasn’t the end of my bingeing). 

Having quit bingeing for a few months, I felt like I no longer needed the support of the monastery. After I had left the monastery after 13 months, I became a Personal Trainer as I waited for graduate school to start. Being in the gym working with other Personal Trainers quickly triggered my binge eating habits once again! 

Even though I’d learned a lot of mindfulness training, I still felt lost. 

Fortunately, graduate school started and I started seeing a therapist. As I started working with a therapist in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach and kept a Food Awareness Journal. Through this simple, but strangely difficult process, I quickly discovered my shameful ‘orphan’ beliefs which were at the heart of my embarrassing social awkwardness and loneliness. Deep down, I could see that I believed I was worthless. Deep down I hated myself. And even though it was painful to see these beliefs written on paper, upon seeing these false, but subconscious beliefs, I began to work on these subconscious beliefs and began connecting better to people and myself.

Later on in graduate school, I discovered Intuitive Eating and was able to piece together the restrict / binge cycle that I’d been stuck in for years. This was the turning point for me. Along with my work on my subconscious beliefs, my binge eating practically evaporated in a few weeks. 

Since then I’ve been fortunate to get experience working at Cielo House for Eating Disorders as a Recovery Counselor. I found my passion for writing the Eating Enlightenment blog. It seemed like my passion for blogging mirrored my experience working through the Food Awareness Journal I had used back in therapy. 

Various certifications followed, the podcast began, people began asking if they could work with hundreds and me of blog posts years later … here I am today. 

Are you ready to go on a similar journey?