Who Is Weight Loss Enlightenment For?

You're wondering how everyone else does it ... you just want to be normal.

You wonder why having a balanced relationship with food is so difficult. How can something as simple as food be so endlessly frustrating?

How can so many other people have natural and easy going relationships with food while you struggle to no avail?

Your best self is hidden. Diets and nutrition preoccupy you on your better days. For a few days you're good. For a few weeks you're good. But you live in fear ...

And then something happens. Something always happens. Countless times you've gone through this cycle. How can I just be normal with food?

Most days though, you hide. You pretend. You distract. You look away from food and say you don't care about your body image or losing weight. You've tried so many times ...

Your bones and muscles hurt from lugging around extra weight. Your spirit is fatigued. 

Your health sucks your life energy from your work, your relationships ...

You want the load to lighten, but you're struggling to find a true way to achieve it. 

Shame, pain, fear, anxiety, and guilt are pretty regular emotions for you. It’s exhausting and you’re over it.

What's Your Story?

I'm Jared.

My mission is to enlightened the energetic vibration of the world through ending problems with overeating, starting with you.

I binged ate like crazy when I was a wrestler in high school ... My weight would go up and down like a yo yo. I didn't know I had a problem back then ... all I knew was that I wanted to fit in.

I became so miserable. I became dependent on weed to manage my emotions. Eventually things got so dark I decided to drop out of society. 

I became a Buddhist monk. At that time I seriously thought I would cut off all contact from society and never return. I had anemia and I was malnourished, only weighing 122 lbs. I was depressed, severely lonely, and had incredible shame.

But fortunately, I had time to heal. After 13 months living in spiritual community, I made great strides in healing. But my journey wasn't done yet ...

I decided to learn more about how I could help people heal. But I was still struggling with weed addiction, depression anxiety. My binge eating habits were no more (wahoooo!!!!!) but I knew I wasn't done yet ...

So I got my Master's in Counseling from Santa Clara University and started learning. Along the way I got yoga, wellness and intuitive eating certifications. I was still struggling with weed though ...

After going through my own personal healing journey including therapy, coaching, group coaching, and thousands of hours of self-development ... my weed addiction stopped. This was the final key.

And after becoming an award winning trainer, I now am qualified to share what I've learned. Here's where it all starts. Please realize: 

You were not put on this earth to struggle with food.

I’m here to show you how to finally feel at home in your body and end your struggle with food and your body for good.

This mission was born out of my own passion-driven spiritual breakdown. 

You can read about my story from Binge Eating Wrestler To Zen Monk In Your Enlightened Eating Mini Guide:

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Eating Disorder Therapist, Jared Levenson

How Does Weight Loss Enlightenment Eating Disorder Treatment Work?

1) Start With Healthy Nutrition With Flexible Mindset: We train people in the Four Foundational Nutritional Principles which are the secrets behind popular diets such as keto, low carb, paleo, etc. These Four Principles are:

1. Eat less processed foods including sugary drinks
2. Eat less simple carbohydrates such as white rice or white bread
3. Eat more veggies and legumes
4. Eat more protein/fat

These Four Foundational Principles are meant to be flexible. We can create a more detailed plan if you desire more structure. However, this 'meal plan' or 'diet' can be thought of as training wheels. We do not expect you to stick to the diet or meal plan 100%. That's not the point. The point is to start getting you forward momentum. 

We are actually expecting you to relapse, fall back into 'bad' habits, binge eat and compulsively eat. We expect you to 'fail' so to speak. The reason we start out with a 'diet' is because most people crave the structure and control in the beginning. As you learn to trust your body and intuition, you can start to let go of the diet.

2) Work With Binge Eating and Compulsive Eating 'Failures': The reason 'failure' is in quotes is because there is actually no such thing as failure. When you see yourself as failing, you blame yourself. Have you ever thought to yourself that you were lazy or lacked discipline? This is self-blame and it has no place in Weight Loss Enlightenment. By giving up the notion of failure, you change your mindset to one of learning.

Why did you binge eat? Were you stressed? Was the meal plan boring or unsustainable? Did the meal plan not make you happy? Did something trigger you? By working with binge and emotional eating failures, you will start to grow as a person and develop the skills, mindsets and resiliency needed to make long term weight loss possible.

3) Reprogram Your Story And How You Love Yourself & Others: Weight Loss Enlightenment is a personal growth journey. As you start on this journey you will begin with food. But then you will discover that the food is not the real issue. The real issue then you will see is how you relate to your body and handle stress. But then as you progress, you will discover that the deeper issue is one of personal identity and how you think of yourself. 

Think of an onion. We start peeling the layers back. We start with food because that's the top layer. As you adopt a learning and growth mindset, you will start to realize there are deeper layers. So you peel back and see that physical is the problem. This includes your binge eating and emotional eating. We don't judge ourselves, we expect these problems! We talk about them! Then as we talk about them and reduce your binge eating, you will discover the real core issues. As you tackle these core issues, you will transform at the soul level, the deepest level of your being.

How Is Weight Loss Enlightenment Different Than Personal Training or regular Eating Disorder Therapists?

There’s nothing wrong with talk therapy. In fact, a pillar of Weight Loss Enlightenment is talk therapy. However, talk therapy is usually limited to only talk therapy. That is, you talk with your therapist one week and then wait until next week. In Weight Loss Enlightenment we prioritize individual, relationship, and community. 

In terms of Personal Training, we do not meet at the gym or do exercises together. 

• Talking with a certified counselor weekly
• Eating 1x per month with a certified counselor (where you actually re-learn “how” to eat food)

• Working with a Growth Partner from the Weight Loss Enlightenment community
• Bi-weekly interactive videos, worksheets

• Bi-weekly online learning groups, Q & A
• Local support groups and mindful eating food events (if you are in South Bay Area, California)

What Is Weight Loss Enlightenment? Why Different Than Traditional 'Lose Weight Fast?

Enlightenment #1) Let Go Of Weight Loss Obsession: Is weight loss an obsession in your mind? Does it keep you up at night? Weight Loss Enlightenment means let go of weight loss!!!!!! By letting go of weight loss you will feel much lighter mentally right away as the guilt of failure and shame starts to evaporate. 

This is not to say you won't lose weight or that weight isn't important. Weight loss is important. But in Weight Loss Enlightenment we prioritize habits, mindsets, eating and other principles - instead of measuring your success by the scale. Paradoxically, by not focusing on weight loss (and focusing on self care, healthy eating, etc) you will have a significantly better chance of losing weight sustainably and enjoyably and keeping it off for good!  

Enlightenment #2) Let Go Of Rigid Rules & Plans: Have you ever tried a diet that gave you a precise nutrition plan? How long did you follow the plan? You may have followed the plan for weeks or even months. But it's simply impossible to follow a plan forever. What do you do then? You probably stopped caring about weight loss for months or years and gained weight. Then in desperation, you tried yet another diet thinking that somehow things would be different this time around.

In Weight Loss Enlightenment, we prioritize skills, attitudes, and mindsets over plans. 

Enlightenment #3) Let Go Of Losing Weight Quick: I'm sorry. I know that's what you want. Weight loss, if only you could achieve it quickly, seems like it would magically solve all your problems. It's so tempting to believe a program or diet that promises quick weight loss. Hopefully you have been down that road enough times to recognize it's a dead end. What's the point of losing weight if you gain it back?

In Weight Loss Enlightenment we don't over-promise. We don't say that you will lose X number of pounds per week or month. We don't promise that you will fit into a bikini. This is not a 'lose weight fast' type of program.

Enlightenment #4) Let Go Of Superficial Transformation: Have you ever lost weight on a diet? Even before you gained the weight back, did losing the weight really make you a different person? Did you fundamentally change, in your soul, when you followed a diet and lost weight? No. Your body changed, but your soul did not. That's why weight loss hasn't worked for you. Your body has changed, but you haven't invested the time, energy or financial resources into developing your soul.

You can change the body temporarily, but your soul is what determines your long-term lifestyle.

Enlightenment #5) Let Go Of Superficial Solutions: Have you ever been told that by following this diet you would lose weight? Then you tried the diet and lost weight. So you thought, hurray! Yet then you gained all the weight back and blamed yourself. Why does this cycle keep happening?

The answer: you are not changing the underlying causes that keep you in this horrible cycle. Stop trying to modify your diet and neglecting the development of your inner light.

Enlightenment #6) Let Go Of Magic 'Nutrition': Have you ever thought about trying keto so you could get into ketosis? Or perhaps the reason you couldn't lose weight long-term was because you were gluten intolerant? Give up this type of thinking. There is no magic bullet. While in Weight Loss Enlightenment we do provide simple nutritional guidelines, we also realize long lasting transformative weight loss is more than nutrition.

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