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Hi! I'm Jared.

weight loss doctor

I'm one of the few male Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors and I'm here to help lead you step into your power and emotional connection to transcend any obstacle that's stopping you from living as your best self. Random side note - I like super nerdy boardgames like Dungeons and Dragons.

I specialize in intuitive eating, compassionate body acceptance and recovery from chronic dieting and disordered eating. My beliefs towards health were greatly shaped by living as a Zen Monk for 13 months where I discovered that true authentic health comes from self-care behaviors which make you feel good and increase your physical, mental and emotional well-being - not by following external food rules or your number on the scale. This is also known as Health At Every Size, but I didn’t know about the HAES approach until many years later ...

In fact, when I first started helping people as a personal trainer I was still embedded in the mainstream “Just Do It” weight loss and nutrition model. I’d create meals plans. I’d track my client’s weight. I talked about calories and all this other stuff that worked temporarily, but then no one was ever to maintain the lifestyle changes that I thought I was teaching them. While during this time I was awarded a Top Personal Trainer award for my clients sensing that I truly cared about them - deep down I felt I was failing. I got certifications in yoga, wellness coaching and nutrition but still couldn't connect the dots.

Eventually while in graduate school at Santa Clara University for Counseling I stumbled across Intuitive Eating and everything fell into place. I finally could connect the dots between my own experiences living in a Zen monastery to the actual science. I became a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and the rest fell into place.

I graduated and began reaching out to old clients and talking about a new way to address emotional eating with foods - and this time around the changes they were able to make were incredible. We finally were able to dig into the real reasons for emotional eating when their food history and emotional reasons for binge eating were revealed in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. They were able to heal their relationship to food and their bodies, find true food freedom and begin a life’s journey starting from a place of positive health habits and self-care instead of control and diets. 

It’s this radical shift which motivated me to start Eating Enlightenment. Nowadays I blog a lot and truly enjoy being my natural introverted self (with no shame whereas previously I was so ashamed to be a quieter guy). I am a part of a meditation group and play board games with my friends.

My Shame & Eating Transformation Recovery Journey In A Snap Shot

my journey

1. Binge Eating & Wrestling - Binge eating and anorexia was the high school team culture. Losing 10-20 lbs before tournaments was standard. I would literally be teased if I didn't lose weight.

2. Anxiety & Depression - Near the end of college I was filled with loathing. I was anemic. I weighed 122 lbs. Smoked tons of weed which made me just lie in bed and hardly eat anything except for crazy binges. So desperate I decide to "Screw Life" and become a Zen Monk.

3. Begin Mindfulness Healing - I can safely say that mindfulness saved my life. It gave me to the tools I never learned as a perfectionist student who had to get A's. Lived for 13 months. Stopped binge eating, returned to normal weight, and began healing.

4. Intuitive Eating Counseling - Then I left the monastery, did 6+ years of therapy, countless self-development programs, mindfulness retreats, Ayahuasca lead by shamans ... pretty much I did every thing I could for 10 years to heal my core sense of shame ... and now I'm thankful to say things don't have to take so long for you!

As a man, sometimes my gender does come up in conversations.

Put simply a woman can desire my validation, or be afraid that I will say something unintentionally hurtful. There are a lot of ... men who lack emotional intelligence out there ... we'll say to be polite. I'm not one of them.

Fortunately through years of training in school, along with working as a recovery counselor at Cielo Eating Disorder Treatment Center, and helping dozens upon dozens of women over 6 years of experience, I am able to skillfully navigate gender differences and show up for you from a place of wholeness, grounded-ness, and non-judgmental friendliness.  

Sometimes there can be an energizing connection which some women mistake for the wrong type of attraction. I remember one day at Cielo when a woman client came up to me and said "Your presence is distracting me!" I was able to pause and ground myself, get curious, and ask her questions. "How's that like for you? What do you feel right now in your body? After connecting to your body, what do feel and think that you need, right now?"'

My male presence can be a doubled edged sword though. Some women will just feel triggered talking to a man about their body and don't feel comfortable. And I'm totally okay with that and understand. Since the vast majority of eating disorder professionals are women, I can happily make referrals. On the other hand, there can be an uplifting magnetic quality to other conversations which naturally occurs when a man and woman connect. I'm careful to redirect any sort of energy into exploring the depth of emotions, feelings and greater presence and connection while maintaining respectful boundaries. Oftentimes women will say to me that they understand not only themselves better, but the guy they are dating or married to as well!

Nowadays I blog a lot and truly enjoy being my natural introverted self (with no shame, whereas previously I was so ashamed to be a quieter guy). I am a part of a meditation group and play board games with my friends 🙂

And this brings me to you ... 

I may have taken 10+ years to heal and overcome my core sense of shame and mend my eating habits ...

But there is definitely an easier path and I've simplified this path for you in a step-by-step system. 

You are not meant to struggle with food! We evolved as a human species by integrating our biology with food!

You are actually spiritually and biologically meant to feel normal around food. 

It means you are able to trust your body, listen to your body and get your needs met which fuel your growth towards living your best life.

It means you respect your body at and size or weight because your body is the vehicle for your soul. When start seeing your body as the vehicle for your soul, your body naturally goes to it's natural weight set point without having to fix it.

If you are overweight and binge eating, you will lose weight. If you are underweight and binge eating you will gain weight. The set point is your natural place that's best for you and your genetics. 

You can eat ice cream, and stop eating ice cream after one bowl instead of finishing off the entire container because you have one spoonful.

You can be bored around ice cream and other ice calories foods because you are listening to your body and healthy food choices simply make you feel better emotionally. 

You are no longer ruled by the scale and your mood is not dependent on your weight of the scale. 

You can free your mental and emotional headspace and finally have the processing power to exceed in career, the courage to date, and the emotional connection to develop stronger relationships. 

It means you are enlightened in your own unique and personal way.

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