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Hi I'm Jared and my purpose is Reconnection. 

Reconnection means we all are whole deep down.

We just need to Reconnect to that inner light.

This is what I believe in & value ... & what I want to share with you.

Reconnection to who you really are.

My story began when I was 18. That's when I began meditating. 

I started meditating because had an emotional hole in my heart. I was numb. I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't connect, and I knew something was wrong with me. 

I couldn't connect to myself, or other people no matter how hard I tried to belong.

Like when I wrestled in high school, I tried to find belonging and acceptance with my wrestling friends by cutting weight. 

I thought that if I could lose the most weight, and win my wrestling matches, my teammates would love me. 

But no matter how hard I tried, how much weight I lost, how many A+'s I got in school ...

The hole in my heart followed me wherever I went. I tried everything. I tried to numb the pain in my heart through weed and food. 

Food and weed brought temporary relief, but at a heavy price. I could barely function. This continued for years through college, and I felt all alone. 

I began to fantasize about a literal Enlightenment where all my problems would be solved.

As my eating and emotional disconnection problems deepened, the more I fantasized about Enlightenment, with a capital E.

I began to literally seek Enlightenment. Deep down I hoped that meditation would bring me the inner peace I so deeply desired.

So I skipped college graduation and lived for 13 months without internet at a Zen Monastery in the mountains. 

Everyday I meditated. And I had my 'Enlightenment' moments where I felt connected.

But these moments would fade away, and I would be left feeling insecure, lonely, depressed, and anxious.

At the end of 13 months of grueling meditation, I was no closer to enlightenment. 

The hole in my heart was still there. The hole in my heart was like a constant companion, ever reminding me of what felt like my alien weirdness. 

Fortunately, the introverted side to my personality really liked mindfulness, so I decided to pursue mindfulness in school.

But, boy oh boy, would my life change within my Master's program for Counseling at Santa Clara University. 

I got introduced to therapy. And for the first time in my life, I got exposed to my basic emotional needs. 

During my year in meditation, I had learned about feelings, but never before had I learned about emotional needs. 

This was what I was missing my entire life!!!!! This was why I turned to food and weed all the time. I was trying to meet these emotional needs through substances, but I wasn't able to see the true motivation behind my actions until now. 

And so finally, I began the true work of healing. I'm happy to say that once I had the right mindset, where I recognized my emotional needs and eating enough food, I started seeing pretty rapid progress.

Binge eating went wayyy down, and most importantly, I learned how to reconnect to my authentic self, my values and my life purpose.

Previously, I was doing all this self-care like meditation, but I didn't have the right mindset or understanding about my fundamental emotional needs. And I learned the hard way that self-care won't work unless you have the right mindset to support your self care.

And honestly, the rest is history. 

After I had the right mindset, that's when I first started seeing life entirely differently.

It was like I experienced Enlightenment in the dramatic way my perception of reality changed!

My transformation was so profound, I pretty much knew what direction and purpose of my life would look like.

I would help people to reconnect to themselves so that they could be free of binge and emotional eating and live lives of purpose and creativity.

To help me gain the skillsets necessary to help people in such an intimate and profound way, I went to school for my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. 

I also studied and obtained numerous certifications in Intuitive Eating, Yoga, and Wellness Coaching. 

I even worked as a Personal Trainer for sometime, but quickly found out that the health industry is very dangerous! It's probably a conversation for a different time, but long story short, I found out firsthand that the diet & wellness industry will outright lie to you to promote weight loss and "wellness".

Anyways, I also am a writer. I like writing. I think my voice comes through my written words. So ...

Here I am today. Writing. Sharing. Connecting. 

Do join the email list so you can hear my personal thoughts about things. I'm not big into social media, but you can find me there too. 

I also have an Eating Enlightenment podcast where I interview people. That's a lot of fun and it's a major part of my own self-education!

Ok, let's wrap up this 'about' section ... 

My Eating Transformation Recovery Journey In A Snap Shot

my journey from binge eating wrestler to zen monk and eating disorder therapist jared levenson

And this brings me to you ... 

I may have taken 10+ years to heal and overcome my core sense of shame and mend my eating habits ...

But there is definitely an easier path and I've simplified this path for you in a step-by-step system. 

You are not meant to struggle with food! We evolved as a human species by integrating our biology with food!

You are actually spiritually and biologically meant to feel normal around food. 

It means you are able to trust your body, listen to your body and get your needs met which fuel your growth towards living your best life.

It means you respect your body at and size or weight because your body is the vehicle for your soul. When start seeing your body as the vehicle for your soul, your body naturally goes to it's natural weight set point without having to fix it.

If you are overweight and binge eating, you will lose weight. If you are underweight and binge eating you will gain weight. The set point is your natural place that's best for you and your genetics. 

You can eat ice cream, and stop eating ice cream after one bowl instead of finishing off the entire container because you have one spoonful.

You can be bored around ice cream and other ice calories foods because you are listening to your body and healthy food choices simply make you feel better emotionally. 

You are no longer ruled by the scale and your mood is not dependent on your weight of the scale. 

You can free your mental and emotional headspace and finally have the processing power to exceed in career, the courage to date, and the emotional connection to develop stronger relationships. 

It means you are enlightened in your own unique and personal way.

Are you ready for Eating Enlightenment?®