How Can A Person Improve Body Positivity and Maintain A Healthy Body Image In A Crazy Diet Culture with Beth Rosen

Body Positivity

You just had a crazy binge and ‘failed’ another diet, pretend. Pretend you feel horrible (just for a moment). Pretend you’re feeling horrible but instead of eating more or wallowing in self pity… This time around you take out a pen and paper and ask yourself why: Why did I lose motivation? Why do I […]

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How To Deal With Overeating Without Guilt or Shame With Beth Reel – Bay Area Binge Eating Podcast

how to deal with overeating

Have you ever incredibly upset after eating too much and wondered how to deal with overeating? For many people this amount of food intake can cause extreme stress. Especially when you want to get back on track but find your eating habits getting the better of you … once again. How do you deal with […]

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a couple of weeks ago

Passionate Food Scientist Explains Foods That Are Good For You and Food Label Lies

Amy spent 6 months worrying about her keynote speech for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Finally her friend told her to just stop worrying and just tell the audience about her passion for food, farmers and fun. Her keynote speech was titled “Success in dietetics, inspired by farmers, flavor and fun.” In this article […]

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My Health Care Transformation Journey From Binge Eating Wrestler To Zen Monk And Beyond

health care transformation

I recently went to my 20’s and 30’s meditation group and met a wonderful woman, Tiffany 🙂 We had a great connection right away no doubt because of our many similarities: Certified Yoga Teachers At same meditation group Self-employed Wellness field Overall I thought Tiffany and I had a great connection on this interview which […]

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What Are Some Healthy Foods To Eat Interview: Registered Dietitian Michelle Reveals Her Best Healthy Foods To Eat

what are some healthy foods to eat

What if a Registered Dietitian gave you a simple healthy food list so you knew how to eat healthy everyday without thinking too hard?  I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Michelle @TheTrueBite and ask her a variety of questions to help you clarify nutrition such as: Is there a recommended healthy food chart? What […]

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Definition Of Intuitive Eating: Interview With Two Dietitians, Hayley and Michelle

intuitive eating definition

I recently conversed with two wonderful Registered Dietitians Hayley and Michelle about the definition of Intuitive Eating and much more! Here’s my take on our conversation. In this post I’ll draw from our interview to answer commonly asked questions like: What is the definition of intuitive eating? Does intuitive eating really work? What an intuitive […]

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