a couple of weeks ago

Mindfulness 101: Exactly How To Practice Mindfulness With Corresponding Meditation Benefits


Please don’t make the same mistake I did when I began mindfulness meditation 11 years ago… My mind was filled with harmful ideas about mindfulness meditation. I mistakenly thought in order to practice mindfulness I needed to diligently: sit cross legged painfully for hours clear my mind of thoughts feel amazing Because of these false […]

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3 weeks ago

Nutrition Therapy and Fermented Drinks with Susan Davis

nutritional therapy

This is a fun podcast video conversation about Nutrition Therapy and Fermented Drinks with Susan Davis! Here are the topics we cover during the interview: Susan’s background in Nutrition Therapy Susan’s history with food allergies and taking certain foods out of her diet Fermented drink recipes! Susan Davis has been a professional practitioner since 2009 […]

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4 weeks ago

How To Heal Weight Stigma And Live Your Best Life With Julie Fanning – Bay Area Binge Eating Disorder Podcast

weight stigma

In 1964 America passed the Civil Act Right. This landmark legal ruling essentially declared it’s illegal to judge and discriminate against a person based on their appearance. This was in 1964. Back in 1964 people with darker skin tones were seen as inferior. Dumb. Incapable. Not worthy. Nowadays we recognize discrimination based on a person’s […]

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