Here’s The Most Important Reason Why I Decided To Switch My Channel Name From Weight Loss To Eating

Why I Changed Name From Weight Loss Enlightenment To Eating Enlightenment: The gist of this name change boils down to … I’m not promoting weight loss. And the first impression people have of Weight Loss Enlightenment is always about weight loss. So rather than having to re-explain all the time … “No, Weight Loss Enlightenment […]

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Sugar Addiction Is Actually Emotional Not Physical: How To Stop Emotional Eating Via Self-Compassion

This video is my reaction about Sugar Addiction, which came as up as topic during our Mindful Eating Event last Saturday. There seemed to be two issues that stood out: People felt powerless about sugar People really liked self-compassion Sugar addiction is a complex topic. In this breakdown I talk about the relationship between self-compassion […]

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how to get rid of junk food cravings Best Mindset – “You Mind As Well Enjoy It” (Podcast)

Summary: This is the new slogan for my entire philosophy. “You mind as well enjoy it.” This phrase is the best way on how to deal with cravings. Here is another video of mind on cravings too about How To Stop Craving Food When Not Hungry By Understanding And Curing Emotional Food Deprivation … […]

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