last week

How To Question Your Assumptions And Get Out Of Tunnel Vision – A Life Weavings Conversation With David Teachout Perspective On Life

Life Weavings

What is a Life Weaving Conversation?  It’s a conversation where separate strands of life are strung together in a coherent way contributing to greater understanding.  The first thread in my conversation with David centered about tunnel vision. Tunnel vision is where your reality is restricted to a limited view, and in David’s case, tunnel vision […]

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a couple of weeks ago

How To Have Hope When You Can’t Stop Abusing Food For Depression And Anxiety – San Jose

Can't Stop Abusing Food For Depression

Amy is the founder of Dancing with ED.  She’s a Professional Speaker, Writer, Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate for Dancers, Founder of Dancing With ED ( You can find Amy on Linkedin too ( This interview about can’t stop abusing food for depression among other topics, explores how Amy overcame her checkered history with dancing, bulimia […]

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