Discover How To Stop Emotional Eating Forever And Emotional Eating By Treating True Causes and Symptoms

Emotional Binge Eating

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop emotional eating forever? Someone asked me this recently, saying “I just want to stop eating emotionally!” I took a deep breath and explained to them, “Even normal people around food emotionally eat. We evolved around food. It’s okay to manage your emotions with food, to a degree.” So what […]

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Bulimia Symptoms, Causes and Recovery in Bay Area (Podcast)

bulimia symptoms causes

Bulimia. You’ve heard the word before. Here is a quick overview of bulimia symptoms, causes and recovery: Symptoms: binging and then behavior to not gain weight (doesn’t need to be vomiting but excessive exercise counts too) Causes: no definitive cause but risk factors include biology, past behavior of dieting, and emotional issues Recovery: various options […]

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