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Binge Eating Enlightenment Secrets

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Before you watch the case study ... get a notepad!

If you are serious about beating binge eating (and you can definitely heal from binge eating simply because of the fact that you are human being reading this) you'll need to study new concepts.

Here's the story of how one woman devoted 3-months of systematic food yoga training to overcome 44 years of yo-yo dieting binge eating.

There are 4 other BONUS lessons in the course too. 

  • Before and After The 3-Month Treatment Program
  • Treatment Details and Program Structure
  • Lifestyle Ripple Effects After Ending Binge Eating
  • Key Treatment Principles

Be sure to check those out!!!!

Please note: It took Gina 2 additional months of individual "practice" after the 3 month program ended before she was finally able to 100% stop. 

I'd be lying to you if I said every person who completed the program stopped binge eating after 3 months.

People see a significant and measurable decrease in binge eating per week (on average over 70% reduction in binge eating as measured by surveys taken at beginning and end of the 3-month treatment program).

The real beauty and heart of this program is that after the 3 month period is over you won't need me anymore. Even if you aren't 100% free of out-of-control eating ... You'll 'get it'.

So grab a pencil to take notes.

If you're committed to living your best life and ending your struggles with food and body ... you'll need a journal!

Seriously. Gina worked her butt off. She studied.

In the interview she pulls out a binder with all of the notes she took from the 3-month program ... from all the videos and worksheets that were included in our 2x per week calls ...

Now I get it ... you're busy ... etc etc ...

Here's some of times of the more important conversation topics 

Start - How We First Got Acquainted Online

0:16 - Her Story: 44 Years of Failure, Binging, and Yo Yo Dieting

1:24 - Her "Transparent" Opinion On Working With Jared Personally

2:48 - The Structure Of The 3 Month Program

3:32 - How Binge Eating Made Her Feel Obsessed and Out of Control

4:47 - 44 Years of Binge Eating Gone Within 5 months

12:33 - How Stopping Binge Eating Leads To Headspace and Calmness

14:49 - Her Sad Day Breaking Up With Food (Realizing She Doesn't Want More)

19:19 - Why You Can Cure Binge Eating Despite Childhood Trauma

22:18 - How To Stop Obsessing About and Hating Your Body

24:40 - Natural Weight Loss Even Over The Holidays!

28:22 - How To Develop Radical Trust In Your Body And Yourself Around Food

35:36 - How To Remove Guilt and Shame From Your Eating

And if you still have questions about Gina's strategies (which I taught her), you can just book a complimentary appointment with me here.

Start Course

Course Structure

Watch Lesson #1: Before and After The 3-Month Treatment Program


Before: Her Secret Binge Crackers She Always Ate Alone

After: No More Binge Eating!


Before: Gaining Weight After Every Diet For 44 Years

After: Losing Weight Without Even Trying Even Over "The Holidays"


Before: Body Image and Weight Determine Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Mood

After: Who Cares? "The Scale Is Just A Number"


Before: Inner Critic Is Ruining Her Life, Always Lying To Her and Making Her Doubtful, Distrustful, and Anxious

After: The Impact, Intensity and Duration of the Inner Critic Is Greatly Diminished

Watch Lesson #2: Treatment Details and Program Structure


Why Obsession and Out-Of-Control Feelings Drove Her To Start This 3-Month Treatment Program


The Length Of The 3-Month Program Is ... Surprise ... 3 Months


Money - 4 Children and Penny Pinching Husband Not Holding Her Back From Financial Investment In Herself


How Was Your First Complimentary Conversation Before You Decided To Purchase?


What Made This Program Unique?


This Program Is For People Who Can't Stop Thinking About Food (Doesn't Matter About Body Weight)

Watch Lesson #3: Lifestyle Ripple Effects After Ending Binge Eating

How Ending Binge Eating Leads To ...

Headspace, Mental Clarity and Peace Of Mind


How Ending Binge Eating Leads To ...

Becoming A Better Parent, Co-Worker and Friend


How Ending Binge Eating Leads To ...

More Compassion, Love, Self-Love, Grounded-ness and Calmness


How Ending Binge Eating Leads To ...

Greater Productivity at Work, Setting Boundaries, Greater Confidence


How Ending Binge Eating Leads To ...

Less Perfectionism, Obsessive Thoughts, Less Self-Hatred, Way Less Inner Critic


Watch Lesson #4: Key Treatment Principles

Key Treatment Principle

Growth Not Guilt


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