Your Path To Eating Enlightenment™

Are you a chronic dieter who wants to stop binge eating & master intuitive eating?

Do diets and meal plans simply result in you binging or overeating?

Do your weight loss programs and accountability buddies fizzle out like old fireworks?

Have you read all the books but find their different perspectives gets confusing?

Therapy, trainers and well-intentioned advice results in you feeling ashamed because of the implication you have a sinful nature in relationship to your food?

***Due to a long wait list Complimentary Breakthrough Calls with Jared are now only being offered to coachable people who complete the quiz and finish the corresponding 30 Day Eating Challenge.

Take the quiz and the 30 Day Eating Challenge, see measurable results AND get your own Complimentary Breakthrough Call to feel great with your food, and feel good in your skin, fast!***

Step 1: Schedule (down below)


Watch the video testimonials on this page, and read through other client’s stories. If you are ready to schedule a no-obligation breakthrough strategy session then click one of the blue buttons down below. You’ll pick a time and then fill out five quick questions. Once confirmed, I will call you the day of our strategy session.


Step 2: Complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session  


In your first strategy session, we’ll spend 50 minutes together. This is where we connect in a safe, nonjudgmental way so that I can really understand your personal story. I’ll ask gentle, inquisitive questions about your past history of dieting and family history of weight loss. As the conversation progresses we’ll move on to explore your current eating struggles as well as your body image and obsessive thoughts. We’ll conclude with your vision of success, and discuss if you’d like to sign up for a coaching bundle (see bundle info and pricing down below)


Step 3: Counseling & Coaching Support


Compassionately confronting your food struggles requires courage, support and education. The courage has to come from you. It’s my job to provide world class support and education and in the form of video training, readings, worksheet, phone or video support, and email support. 

Bundle Pricing Options 

3 Month Pack, Bi Weekly

$300 per month, $750 paid in full

6 Month Pack, Bi Weekly

$ 230 per month, $1150 Paid In Full (get 1 month free!)

3 Month Pack, Weekly

$600 per month, $1400 paid in full

6 Month Pack, Weekly

$ 460 per month, $2300 Paid In Full (get 1 month free!)

Eating Enlightenment Coaching Bundles

All Bundles Include:

50-minute Complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session

In a safe nonjudgmental way we’ll begin by simply exploring your current relationship to food as well as your history of weight loss and dieting. 

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions 

Depending on your individual needs, background and understanding of how eating struggles work, we’ll converse weekly or every other week. Calls are usually done over the phone but Zoom live calls are also available at your preference. After every call you’ll receive a reading, worksheet or training video that will be addressed to meet your individual situation and needs (see Additional Resources down below for more info). 

Free Copies of Anti Diet, Intuitive Eating Workbook, And Brain Over Binge

Free copies of Anti Diet, Intuitive Eating Workbook and Brain Over Binge will be mailed to your doorstep or electronic reading device. We will use these books to supplement our conversations and additional support materials (readings, worksheets, training videos).

Journal Review and Infinite Email Support

You’ll be asked to keep an online journal or to send over reflections on what you are learning, struggling with and questions that arise. I will review your reflections 2x per week, and there is also infinite email support in between sessions and for 3 or 6 months after the last session in the bundle is used.

Additional Resources

Any bundle with me requires a lot of work. You’ve been warned! In addition to journaling, I’ll also be sending you educational materials after each session. These educational materials include short readings, scientific articles, exclusive video training for specific topics tailored to your situation, fill-in-the-blank worksheets to be printed out or completed online. 


"I started to give up hope that I could ever be happy when it came to thinking about food. Jared likes to stress that weight loss shouldn't be your primary goal and while at first skeptical, I now wholeheartedly agree! When my mentality behind eating changed, I gradually stopped emotional eating and paradoxically weight loss became the result of that change!" 

Paulina Lang @fluffyface_enzo with 1 Million + TikTok Followers

If you are finally ready to make peace with the fight between food, your body, and your eating habits then reserve your spot now for your Complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session by clicking one of the blue buttons on this page. 


After you schedule a time for us to converse you’ll be asked 5 questions. I’ll read through your answers and come prepared for our conversation. 


Once you complete the brief questionnaire you’ll get an email confirmation for our call where we’ll talk and clarify things for you so that you better understand how to reach a state of zen with your body image, weight, eating habits, and mind. 


On this Complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session I will work with you individually to:

  • Clear through any confusion and obstacles so that you can get unstuck and begin making progress 

  • Help you determine a course of action so that you can start recovering from binge eating, ending obsessive thoughts, having a positive relationship with food, moving more and healing.

  • Design tangible steps so that you can give up dieting forever and move forward with clarity so that you can stop binge eating and begin a healthy lifestyle rooted in your own body (instead of a list of foods and rules to follow like most diet programs)

  • Learn your personal keys to success including your strengths and preferences so that you can discover what having an easy relationship with food means to you.

  • Decide whether or not during the last few minutes of our conversation if you’d like to continue working with me using the effective training approach that myself and 100+ clients have used to reach a state of zen from obsessive food thoughts, endless binges and finally shed the layers of negative emotions holding you back! 


Sign up now for a free 50-minute Eating Enlightenment Breakthrough Strategy Session 

Rochelle Myers


I talked to Jared a year ago this month and it’s been about 9 months since I committed to this program. Food allowance and eating meals was just so scary and hard for me in the beginning. And it took me a long time to do it. I showed up to every call, watched the videos over and over and learned something new each time. But now, a year later, I can eat 3 meals a day and I feel better than ever physically and mentally. My relationship with my husband is better than ever.

In the beginning I thought I was spending too much ‘self-care’ time on myself at the expense of my family. But I figured the program was only a few months so a little time for me for a few months would be ok.

But now today I am there for my family more than ever. Like with my daughter in highschool I am just so much more present and compassionate and I catch myself saying things that I previously would have said but not noticed. A bit embarrassed by this but glad to see how my inner critic plays out in relationships. My last binge was 3 months ago. A little bit of mindless eating but I don’t beat myself up for that. Don't quit. Everyone is different. 

And here's one of my favorite meals right now. Avocado toast with 2 eggs over easy. Basically foods with good fats in them!! Before I’d always avoid fats, or avoid carbs, and then alternate which ones I avoided. Jared is right that you must keep your body filled up with food you like to be able to stand up to the binge urges and slowly rewire your mind. Thanks Jared!

Rochelle Myers - Teacher

Dianne Wilkerson


I began Jared's 3-month at the end of December after finding one of his interviews online. I know the program investment seemed like a ton at first but I felt hopeless. I'd been to therapy for dealing with thoughts before and invested more money, and saw ok results but was still bingeing. I thought this was worth it. I'm also listening to the videos over and over and re-doing some worksheets for more complete and thorough answers. It's dollars a day when you break the expense by the monthly subscription to the system. It’s about to be summer and I'm not concerned about the upcoming holidays and summer beach body diets.

After 19 years of disordered and emotional eating, that's amazing. A few months after the program I am writing this review and this struck me today: before: Wine and food binge staying in after Friday night. Wake up and feel tired and angry. Plotting my unhealthy diet day and exercise for 2 hours in the afternoon. Reminding myself that a few days from now I would feel better. Going through the motions Saturday night and Sunday with my husband and children. Feeling embarrassed at church Sunday morning for my puffy face (although no one cares!) Small food all week and no exercising. Scale-dominated thinking, food, my next dinner, what I wouldn't eat, what I would eat.... Etc etc on and on

Today: See you waking up and having breakfast and feeling great. My daughter and 45 minute group exercise class at 11. Make sure I feed myself with lunch then pedicure at LeJJBelle. Carve out time for myself to calm myself and notice what’s going on. Shopping, ordering, dressing up with my husband for supper.

Diana Wilkerson Mother & Accountant

***Due to a long wait list Complimentary Breakthrough Calls with Jared are now only being offered to coachable people who complete the quiz and finish the corresponding 30 Day Eating Challenge.

Take the quiz and the 30 Day Eating Challenge, see measurable results AND get your own Complimentary Breakthrough Call to feel great with your food, and feel good in your skin, fast!***