Want My Help Overcoming Urges While Decreasing Binge Eating?

An Eating Enlightenment is your personal insight that leads to measurably less urges and binge episodes. 

Your Eating Enlightenment experience will be unique to you. Everyone experiences their realization differently:

  • Some people experience their eating enlightenment like an "Ah-ha!" moment 
  • Other's gasp in exuberation 
  • Many start to cry

Are you ready to experience Eating Enlightenment personally?

How? A conversation. A no-obligation conversation.

Just a complimentary conversation with me, Jared, your host here at Eating Enlightenment 🙂

I'd like you to directly experience a powerful game-changing conversation with me.

If you're interested, I'm offering a complimentary counseling call with me.

I'm not always taking clients, but I am always game for a sincere conversation between individuals seeking to be their best selves!!

  1. You can just click down below to view my calendar.
  2. Then select a time to converse.  
  3. After you'll have to fill out a brief survey.

If it looks like there's a fit, we'll schedule your Experience Eating Enlightenment Session straight away.

Here's what we'll do in our time together:

  1. Create a crystal-clear vision for what it looks like for you to show up at your best.
  2. Overcome hidden barriers that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.
  3. Leave the session feeling energized and excited to move forward at your best.

Please don't apply if you're looking for a quick-fix or a one-off solution.

My coaching and counseling is not for everyone--I only work with people who are highly motivated to reach their goals and are willing to put weight loss on backburner while they focus on ending binge eating (which usually helps with weight loss anyways!).

If that sounds like you, let's talk!

Are you like Catherine before eating enlightenment whose binges made her so bloated that she couldn't hangout with her friends?

Do you relate to Paulina's exhaustion from dieting/binging countless times?

Before enlightenment Vyshak said he was afraid of food because he might lose control. Do you know what he means?