Dear yo-yo dieter who has had fought enough food battles for a lifetime ...

There is a different way. It requires seeing dieting and willpower and discipline from an entirely new perspective. 

Here's the basic path:

1. Fill up on healthy foods. Learn how to reward yourself so you stick to a daily eating routine. Get satisfied. By getting satisfied, you'll binge eat less and snack less. This is the key to losing weight sustainably! There are no dietary restrictions here. The key is to fill up on the good stuff! 

2. When cravings and emotional eating attacks come, use compassion to stay connected. From a place of connection, study your habits. What benefits is this behavior giving you? Be honest. And how can you get the same benefits through a different non-eating behavior?

3. As you study your habits, you'll have an enlightenment. Your binge eating, late-night snacking, emotional eating, etc ... these 'bad' habits all start hours beforehand with a moment of disconnection. Perhaps you miss a meal, or you forget what's important in your life and you let the little things get to you. As you study your habits, with compassion and without judgment, you'll learn how to prevent this 'bad' eating episodes from ever occurring in the first place.

4. As you continue to study your habits, you will have relapses. This is to be expected. The single most important mindset you can have is a Growth Mindset. You must be able to learn from temporary failure and adapt for the future. Progress is not linear, you will make leaps and bounds some weeks and other weeks you will be stuck. My job is to be there with you for all the ups and downs.

What motivates me to do this work? I've been through it myself. Getting over binge eating was tough, but nothing compared to getting over my marijuana addiction. I used to be anemic and almost anorexic ...

And now after healing myself (with a lot of help), I've done close to 10 years of therapy, counseling, shamanic vision quests, self-study, 4 Certifications, a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, taught thousands of yoga classes and lead hundreds of workshops.

And I'd like to connect with you, if you're ready. 

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