Are you thinking about starting the process to stop binge and emotional eating but aren't sure where to get started?

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If so, then this Free Strategy Session is for you:

If you are too stressed and busy to study how to stop binge eating.

We can cover the 'big picture' of ending binge eating in 60 minutes and give you practical steps to work on.


If you lose control to food and have lost all hope around control or moderation.

We can give you an sufficient education on dieting and deprivation in 60 minutes so that you no longer lose control.

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If your inner critic makes you doubt treatment could work for you.

We can bring your inner critic out of the shadows and see the truth behind your thoughts in this 60 minute session.

What To Do When Stressed

Gina (who is now binge free after 5 months) says this Free Strategy Session is for "Any person who obsesses about food."

Here's another woman whose Free Strategy Session began an adventure which changed her life entirely...

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And yes, you'll be talking with me personally 🙂

  • Please be sure that you fill out the questions after you book your Free Strategy Session. 

  • I see each call as an opportunity to positively impact your life. I believe in putting you (the client) first.

  • I'm not going to give you unwanted advice. There's no obligation here.

  • I'm not going to pressure you into buying my 3-month program. In fact, the only time I'll gently bring up my program is at the end of our 60 minutes together.

  • I only have a few of these Free Strategy Sessions available per week.

Sorry for the delay! I had to make sure you were serious.

You can end binge and emotional eating just like Gina did in less than 6 months ... but you have to have a committed mindset.  

Ending binge and emotional eating has to be your #1 priority in life for you to make rapid progress.

If you've made it down this far ... and waited this long ... I'm ready to trust that you're ready and have a committed mindset ...

I believe your sincerity and am willing to gift you a complimentary 60 minutes of my billable time to you ...

Just click below to visit my scheduling page 🙂 

- Jared