Are you like Catherine whose binges made her so bloated that she couldn't hangout with her friends?

Do you relate to Paulina's exhaustion from dieting/binging countless times?

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Jared has been working with me for about 6 months now and I have been very pleased with the results! He has transformed my unhealthy way of thinking about dieting into having a healthy relationship with food. For years I had tried countless diets, and while I would lose weight it would only be a short-term fix. I was tired of putting my body through so many crash diets and now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I was mentally exhausted too. More than anything, I started to give up hope that I could ever be happy when it came to thinking about food. Jared likes to stress that weight loss shouldn't be your primary goal and while at first skeptical, I now wholeheartedly agree! It started with relearning what it meant to be healthy; learning that it takes small improvement over time and simply deciding to make healthier decisions because you want to. When my mentality behind eating changed, weight loss became the result of that change. Eating healthy shouldn't feel like you have a gun to your head lol, but somehow that's what years of dieting had done to me. The biggest change for me was letting go of the guilt around eating. Anytime I would eat something I know I shouldn't I would get upset at myself. After a few weeks of working with Jared I had my first slip-up and was waiting for that slap on the wrist. Surely my personal trainer wouldn't want me to indulge when I am supposed to be eating healthy, right? Wrong! The first thing Jared did was say, "that's completely fine!" This sparked a long discussion about enjoying those moments when I want to have something, whether it be having cake on my birthday or going out with friends for dinner. Overall this helped me making smaller changes over time so that I felt I was bettering myself and eating healthier, but also occasionally enjoying moments where dessert or unhealthy food was involved. More than anything, my changed relationship with food has made me feel happier as a person. I am learning to love my body yet strive for improvement. But that no longer means making myself feel guilty for the weight I'm currently at or beating myself up for days where I don't make the healthiest food choices. When it comes to training sessions at the gym, Jared has introduced me to many new exercises. He's even got me into doing some weight training, which I've found great results with in leaning out and gaining muscle. I had always stayed away from doing weights as I was afraid of bulking up and associated it more with the type of exercise guys do. It was ingrained in my head that women had to do mass amounts of cardio in order to slim down. This was definitely wrong since I am finding lifting weights is way more effective in achieving the results I want! I would be on the treadmill or stair master for up to an hour but little did I know a good 30 min of weights has give me better results. So happy to have found Jared and I'm continuing to work with him so that I can completely transform my body and mind through my journey to a better, healthier self 🙂